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Singleton, et al. v. Regents of the University of California

California Class ActionAlameda Superior CourtCase No. 807233-1

Case Type:  Gender Discrimination in Employment

Lead counsel for the plaintiff class action filed in December 1998.  On January 22, 2001, Judge Ronald Sabraw certified a class of all current, former and future female employees at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory employed in five different departments from October 1, 1988, to the present and who are, have been or may in the future be adversely affected by discrimination based on gender and rate of pay and promotional opportunities.  The class is comprised of more than 3,000 women.  In October 2003, after extensive litigation and discovery, the parties entered into a proposed class settlement.  The settlement agreement provides $9.7 million to 3,200 women who worked at Livermore Lab since 1996, plus a 1% raise for approximately 2,500 women who are currently employed at the Lab.  That raise amounts to approximately $1.3 million.  In addition, the settlement agreement provides comprehensive injunctive relief and monitoring provisions designed to eliminate the Lab’s practice of pay and promotion discrimination in the future, as well as attorneys’ fees.  The settlement was approved in February 2004.

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